Gorgeous sunny Marseille… by international wedding photographer Anna Grinets Photography

Gorgeous sunny Marseille...

It has been my dream to visit Marseille after I read a book, “The Count of Monte Cristo” as a child. Years later, finally seeing this beautiful Old Port on the Mediterranean, Vieux-Port, with my own eyes for the first time took my breath away. Picturesque boats with a view of Notre-Dame de la Garde in the background, a view of Chateau d’If in the distance… I was soaking in every moment and freezing the time by capturing it on my medium format film camera.

Historic Notre-Dame de la Garde is located on the highest point in the city. Basilica’s interior conveys a nautical feeling because of the red striped mosaic panels and decorative ships, boats and anchors and nautical themed artwork.

I simply cannot wait to be back to this city again!

Film developed by Richard Photo Lab